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Sopka Wood Cook Stoves in Edmonton and Northern Alberta

Fireplace Gallery is also a proud dealer of Sopka Inc. products. Sopka specializes in wood and coal burning cook stoves. These innovative cook stoves, with a classic look, incorporate all of the comfort and warmth of a wood or coal burning fire with the practical ability to cook or bake at the same time. Sopka is “Europe’s leading makers of ever burning solid fuel room heaters.” And Fireplace Gallery has all of their Canadian Approved Products available for you.

Classic Sopka Wood Cook Stoves for Your Home

Sopka manufactures an impressive line of wood and coal burning stoves. Their classic, European style is a major attraction for many homeowners, especially those looking to add something of a rustic appeal to their living spaces. These cook stoves work wonderfully for the interior of the house, and also provide a perfect source of heat for cabins or cottages. When you work with Fireplace Gallery, you can be sure you’ll have access to all of the latest and best fireplace products on the market. Sopka is just one of the companies that we’re proud to work with.

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